The For a Green and Prosperous Outaouais Consultation Platform

For many Canadians, climate change represents not just a concern but a perpetual frustration: What can I do? The prime objective of the project for a green and prosperous Pontiac is to bring us together. Pontiac is blessed with innovators and strong community leaders. What could we achieve if we shared our best ideas and directed our investments towards a common goal? 

The prime directive behind this project is to bring into focus transformative solutions that will enable us to overcome the challenges of the future. What will it take to create a prosperous Pontiac by 2040? What would we need to do to put ourselves on a pathway for sustainable prosperity?

The purpose of the consultation process is to tap the ingenuity and expertise of top civic leaders, entrepreneurs and community organizations. We will assemble round tables through the first half of 2022 around themes ranging from green energy to health care, public transportation and nature preservation; interlinked components of sustainable prosperity. It takes a village to build a better future. Therefore, you are asked to participate via the Cocoriko platform either by commenting or introducing your own innovative proposals.

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The "For a Green and Prosperous Outaouais" consultation platform is an online consultation platform managed by Cocoriko. It allows citizens to express their views on various issues related to the municipality and, thus, to take part in the development of a City in their image.

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